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Management & Support Services

At their core, our membership and conference support services allow you to separate the administrative work of your organization from the crucial work that on which the leadership should focus.

From answering your members' routine questions, to designing, organizing, scheduling, and printing conference programs, handling on-site conference registrations, and automatically processing membership renewals, we have the skill-set and the developed tools that allow you to offload the administrative burden of your organization. All of our services are custom and a la carte, which means that we can work with you just to make your existing program available on mobile devices, or to print and design name badges, or to handle the proposal submission, review, and room scheduling tasks entirely.

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Only purchase the services that you need, even if that's just printing.


We can answer as you, with your email and through your procedures.


You don't change how you operate. We conform to your protocols & needs.


We handle it all. Printing, design, badging, and even online subscriptions.


In most cases, we can go from request to product in less than a week.


We save you money by freeing you to focus on the larger projects.


Many organizations rely on leadership to manage all aspects of the organization--from membership and subscription management, to answering routine membership questions, to planning, supporting, and executing conferences. We allow you to separate the administrative work of the organization from the crucial work on which you should be focused. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your organization. We'll reply with a no-obligation proposal that leverages our more than twenty years of experience and outlines our services and costs.

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We have the experience and expertise to put together a custom membership portal that handles the specific administrative tasks that you want to offload to a dedicated website.

Because your membership system is being developed just for your organization, the system will contain only those features that you need and will work exactly as you envision. Some of the possible functions of such a site include new and renewal memberships, conference registrations, proposal and grant submissions and review, secure and auditable election systems, and organization-specific tools.

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Many organizations have found that sending conference letters and badges before an event helps alleviate much of the rush that occurs during first day of on-site check-ins. We can easily design a mailing and send conference name badges to your attendees before the conference begins.

Of course, as all of our services are truly custom, you can also contract with us to just design or just print and collate your name badges. As a truly all-inclusive company, we can even create systems that handle registrations, payments, and name badge generation and distribution all automatically and with very little work on your part.

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If your membership prefers a printed program, we can take your existing schedule and collateral materials (or even prepare a schedule using a list of criteria and accepted presentations) and design, print and deliver a custom printed and bound program--regardless of whether the final product is a few pages of black and white text or a fully bound color book of over a thousand pages.

If your membership prefers the convenience of (and the lower cost associated with) a mobile program, we can work with your existing materials to make a conference or event-specific mobile website. Of course, you can contract with us for as much or as little help as you need.

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For many organizations, much of the typical member communication falls into the category of administrative support. Our twenty-years of custom customer service experience allows us to take those routine inquiries and provide efficient support to your members, while our white label solutions allow us to provide your members with email, ticket, and live chat support as if we were your employees.

We learn how you operate and know when to escalate inquiries to you. Every month, we send you a report that allows you to ensure that we're providing support of which you can be proud.