Infrastructure Overview

Redundant, Secure and Available

We've built a network that provides our clients with a massively redundant, extremely secure and highly available internet presence.

Most of our solutions rely on access to our networking infrastructure, and we've worked to build one of the most secure, most redundant, and most available networks possible.

Our company-owned infrastructure and partnership with the top network and server hardware, software, and administration companies in the world allows us to offer a network that can maintain a 99.999% ("five nines") uptime. This uptime makes us one of the leading providers of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hosting and application development architectures in the world. More importantly, our infrastructure allows us to provide you with access to the tools, services and sites that you need without concern as to availability or security.

Whether checking in at a conference that is using our check-in kiosks, accessing one of our SaaS products, or reading the latest news from a website that we host, you are connecting to our equipment housed in DuPont Fabros Technology datacenters. Within our private cages, you hit our first line of security defense--several F5 hardware firewalls. These firewalls analyze every incoming and outgoing network connection to ensure that your data is safe and that our applications are protected and secure. Next, you pass through a series of F5 load balancers, which direct your connection to the Dell application and database server clusters that are currently being used the least (thereby allowing for the fastest connection for you). Next, another series of HP switches checks the connection again and provides the SSL (https://) encryption that we provide on almost all accounts. There, you finally see the website or application that you're hoping to access, as our system puts together the software and the data that you need, even decrypting your data on-the-fly, and all in a matter of milliseconds.

On top of all of this, we have several more layers of network security that not only constantly monitors the network, but secures your data. These systems are audited daily by an outside firm. All of this running on state-of-the art, company-owned equipment and all designed to provide the constantly expanding infrastructure that we need and on which you depend.

Our Datacenters

The bulk of our networking infrastructure is housed in DuPont Fabros datacenters, with our primary datacenter being their CH1 Chicago facility. Billed as "one of the Midwest's most sophisticated and efficient data centers," the CH1 facility provides unmatched redundancy, security and efficiency. Complete specifications on the facility are available within their informational brochure.

Our Network

While we rely on our own in-house team of programmers, designers, managers and networking professionals, we also believe in partnering with the best in the field to fill in gaps in our expertise. For network security, design, monitoring, hardening and auditing, we've turned to Touch Support--a leading Lafayette, Indiana-based provider of network design and support.

Our Security

At the top of our infrastructure sits a series of BIG-IP devices from the industry leading F5 Networks. These devices provide unmatched (and constantly updated) application and network security, real-time network and application monitoring, load balancing, and application management across all of our product and service lines.

Our Servers

Without exception, our database, application and management servers and our high-availability network storage arrays and devices are from DELL. While the PowerVault and PowerEdge devices are considered by many to be the best in the world, DELL's commitment to near-immediate, on-site replacement and support made them the obvious choice to power our network.