Our Company

Service & Quality are Everything

All of our products and services are united by a commitment to learn from each client and to produce a solution that exceeds expectations.

Based in Celebration, Florida, TWENTY SIX DESIGN LLC is the premier provider of customer-centered software, design and management solutions. To us, you are not an account or a user. You are a living, breathing person with specific needs. And, we're here to meet those needs on an individual basis just for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From continually working to improve our products, to offering unmatched support via a variety of mediums, to only partnering with the best in the business, we work daily to prove that we are your best choice for the solutions that we provide.

While our products and services are varied, everything that we do is linked by a commitment to each customer and to providing the digital tools, online identities, and in-person services that enable each customer to do the work that they value. We strive to tell your story by listening to your specific needs, ideas and demands and using images, words, programming languages, and the experience and dedication of our staff to create the solution that exceeds your every expectation.

Many of our staff have been committed to the products, services and solutions that we provide for over twenty years. In that time, we've worked to not only support the communities in which we work, but to also learn from the individuals who make up those communities. That knowledge has translated to monthly updates to our various products, the development of new services, and the unquestioned support that we provide across all of our brands.

Carla Hay


With degrees in science and education, experience with tutoring and curriculum, and the drive that comes from participating in Olympic long-track speedskating trials, Carla brings both passion and empathy into her leadership role. Her qualifications and experience have prepared her to work one-on-one with the TWENTY SIX DESIGN clients, as well to ensure that the company's goals are always upheld.

Richard Hay


For over twenty years, Richard has been immersed in web technologies and has been the lead designer and developer on literally hundreds of projects. With extensive real-world experience, advanced degrees in design and writing, and proven leadership experience, Richard brings the expertise necessary to lead TWENTY SIX DESIGN and ensure the company's focus on customer-centered solutions.